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Kitchen Equipment

Retirement Home

Ivy's Restaurant

Medical Equipment

Early Stage Company

Health Club Franchise

Mercedes Benz

Start-up Health Club

Freightliner Truck

Surveillance System

Major University

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Mitel Phone System

Gold's Gym

Post-Production Equipment

Stage Equipment

$140,000 kitchen equipment
for a new restaurant location. In addition, we provided $100,000 working capital through a revolving credit facility. Established French bistro with strong revenues and guarantor wanted to increase market share through a 2nd location. Baycap provided the needed funding for new equipment and a working capital facility to meet the increased demands of a 2nd location.

Retirement home get $143,000
carpeting and wall covering for a major remodel. An established partnership with positive revenue and income trends wanted to provide their residences with an updated and modern feel with limited impact on working capital.

Ivy’s Restaurant gets $50,000
working capital through a revolving credit facility. An 11 year old family fun businesses with strong management skills wanted to increase market share by opening a 2nd location. Baycap provided the working capital to meet this goal.

New York’s oldest locally owned
provider of home medical equipment and supplies gets $150,000 equipment lease line of credit. Change of ownership in 2003 provided the experienced management team with a lofty goal. Increase revenues by 35%. Baycap provided the equipment leasing that allowed the company to achieve this goal.

Early stage company gets $39,000
welder at Tier I level pricing. Three partners each with 10+ year’s industry experience and good personal credit started their own company within the waste water treatment field. The new equipment allowed the company to bring the work in-house. This provided control over quality and turn around time and eliminated a costly monthly expense of contracting out.

Baycap develops a Franchise lease
program for a nationwide Franchisor of health clubs. The unique requirements of the franchisees resulted in the creation of a $50,000 - $250,000 equipment lease program. Franchisees are able to open quickly with minimal red tape and conserve working capital for other important start up expenditures.

Mercedes Benz dealership in Arizona
gets an $11,000 espresso machine. The largest Mercedes Benz dealership in Arizona completed a major remodel and wanted to continue providing exceptional service to their customers. With a Baycap lease, they did just that.

$110,000 for a start up health club franchisee.
Equipment included: Cardio, strength, tanning beds, surveillance system and computers. Baycap’s unique franchisee program delivered a competitive product that allowed the owners to conserve working capital and meet the deadline of their Grand Opening.

2000 Freightliner truck
for an established pool restoration company.The established company just lost a similar truck to a traffic accident. With the work jobs piling up, they contacted Baycap to quickly provide the financing on a replacement truck.

$75,000 surveillance system
for the largest print broker in California. Strong revenues and income trends for this closely held company allowed them to expand to a 4th location. Baycap provided the necessary financing on the “master” surveillance system that allowed the company to monitor each location from a centralized office.

A major university gets a $10,830
espresso machine. Florida’s first private university was in the middle of modernizing and updating their historic buildings when they contacted Baycap. The equipment lease provided their students and faculty with an upgraded dining experience, while at the same time preserving the charm of their historic university.

$72,000 Fitness equipment, office furniture
and computers for a start up physical therapist. An established physical therapist with excellent personal credit and management experience contacted Baycap when he wanted to go out on his own. The equipment lease allowed him to conserve working capital through his start up phase and realize his dreams of being a business owner.

$250,000 working capital revolving
credit facility for an advertising agency. Two shareholders in one of the largest advertising agencies in Las Vegas contacted Baycap with the idea of opening there own agency. They had sold there company two years prior and the new management team did not offer the creative talent they were accustomed. Our $250,000 revolving line of credit provided them with the working capital to successfully fund their new endeavor.

Accounts receivable financing
for a manufacturer has enabled them to free up $500,000 for a business reorganization and new product development. Baycap charges a flat 2% to 3% fee for 30 day receivables or can advance 80% to 90% of the invoice and charge per day. 

$337,000 lease for new concrete forms
will allow the business to expand into new markets and gain a competitive advantage in “post tension slab” construction for an established family business with recent negative cash flow, but solid personal guarantors.

Ironport Systems, Inc. gets a $190,000
Mitel phone system that lowers monthly telephony expense and delivers state-of-the-art technology. A young company losing money, but capitalized with venture firms and a strong management team is able to lease a phone system at half the monthly cost they paid a third party contractor. 

$450,000 sale-leaseback for  Gold’s Gym
adding new clubs to their regional presence in southern California. Baycap was able to purchase additional equipment owned free-and-clear by principals and lease it back to them at 100% of the fair market value.

$180,000 for State-of-the-Art Equipment
Audio post production company receives $180,000 of state-of-the-art equipment. This allowed the company to land a large contract with a major studio. The lease was done without providing financial disclosure.

$300,000 for Stage Upgrade
Sound post-production company receives $300,000 to upgrade Stages A, B & C
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